Dream meaning of Tongue

Q: Dreaming of cleaning a yellow tongue.
A: Auspicious.

Q: Dreaming of having one’s tongue cut off by a sword covered by teeth.
A: Inauspicious.

Q: Dreaming of having an extra tongue.
A: Associated with disputes and arguments. For scholars, it signifies proficiency in writing.

Q: Dreaming of having one’s tongue cut off.
A: Bad and ominous dream.



Q: Dreaming of having three tongues.
A: Auspicious and suggests the dreamer will triumph over their competitors.

Q: Dreaming of having a long, and good at speech.
A: It indicates success in literary pursuits, recognition, and good fortune.

Q: Dreaming of the tip of the tongue bleeding.
A: Is a sign of increased creativity and the end of verbal conflicts. It is beneficial for merchants and businessmen but may indicate heart problems for the sick.

Q: Dreaming of water flowing on the tongue
A: Indicates that there may be a lack of satisfaction with home life, and things may not go smoothly. It is also an omen of indulging in food and drink.



Q: Dreaming of lotus growing on the tongue.
A: Good omen for literati.

Q: Dreaming of puking your tongue and had it licked your eye.
A: Inauspicious, indicate crying and sadness.

Q: Dreaming of having no tongue.
A: Good omen, indicating that you have a clear understanding and do not quarrel with others.

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