Dream meaning of Turtles

Q: Dreaming of turtles and softshell turtles.
A: Will be recruited and promoted as an official, and be loved by others.

Q: Dreaming of turtles and softshell turtles entering the house.
A: Great wealth and prosperity.

Q: Dreaming of turtles and snakes confront each other.
A: Lost of wealth, maybe caused by theft.

Q: Dreaming of capturing turtles.
A: Signifies that a disaster is about to come.



Q: Dreaming of a turtle is found in a well within a house.
A: Indicate arrival of wealth and prosperity.

Q: Dreaming of drinking turtle soup.
A: Sign that illness may be on the horizon.

Q: Dreaming of a turtle.
A: Suggests that an important and influential person may soon appear in your life.

Q: Dreaming a black turtle.
A: Good omen.



Q: Dreaming of a turtle leaving a city.
A: It means that an elderly person with a fulfilled life may have passed away. Also, the word turtle(龟), is leaving out from the city, with the word door(门), it’s the word (阄). It suggest leave a trace of hint on every task you’re working on, it might helps you in the future.

Q: Dreaming of obtaining a turtle.
A: Signifies that many people will respect and admire you.

Q: Dreaming of eating turtle meat is considered.
A: Good omen, for a scholar, it means that they will achieve the top rank. For a military officer, it means they will capture the enemy leader. For a commoner, it signifies enjoying a delicious and rare delicacy. For a woman, it indicates that her husband will be honored.

Q: Dreaming of killing a turtle.
A: Sign that a funeral or other tragic event may be approaching.



Q: Dreaming of a black turtle swimming in the water.
A: Indicates that disasters will soon dissipate.

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