Dream meaning of Vagina

Q: Dreaming of seeing a woman’s genitalia.
A: Signifies that there may be gossip or slander in the near future.

Q: Dreaming of heat being applied to the genitalia.
A: Auspicious. If a wealthy person has this dream, it means that they will gain followers. If a noble person has this dream, it indicates they will achieve higher status. For a poor person, it means they will receive clothes. For a sick person, it indicates they will recover.

Q: Dreaming of their mother’s genitalia.
A: Auspicious and means that life will emerge from a hopeless situation.

Q: Dreaming of a girl’s genitalia.
A: Inauspicious. If the girl’s genitalia is opened, it indicates vulnerability or a lack of protection, if it’s closed. Then it’s fine.



Q: Dreaming of a woman’s genitalia turning into a male genital.
A: Indicates the dreamer will marry a good husband, have a son, and build a successful family. The dreamer will be like a husband in a female body.

Q: Dreaming of vaginal bleeding.
A: Auspicious. It signifies good luck in the coming year, success in various endeavors, safe pregnancy, and a deepening of romantic relationships.

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