Dream meaning of Vegetable

Q: Dreaming of eating any kind of vegetable.
A: Brings misfortune.

Q: Dreaming of buying vegetables.
A: Signifies smooth progress in official affairs.

Q: Dreaming of vegetables being on the same level as the palace foundation.
A: Auspicious sign for scholars and intellectuals.

Q: Dreaming of watershield and/or such as watercress and nymphoides.
A: Is a good omen as for both are water-based plant, dreaming of watershield indicates a long-staying traveler will return home, while dreaming of nymphoides indicates an unmarried person will marry a good partner and have a lovely child.



Q: Dreaming of the burr medic.
A: is a good omen, for officials, it means they will be promoted and have a higher position. For common people, it means success in fame and wealth, increase in land and property, and accomplishment of their goals. However, it is not a good dream for those who want to have children.

Q: Dreaming of seaweed gracilaria.
A: Is auspicious, for businessmen, it signifies acquiring treasure from unexpected sources; for scholars, it implies inspiration and adding brilliance to their writing. However, if a woman dreams of eating it, it suggests she may have difficulty conceiving.

Q: Dreaming of cauliflower.
A: Is extremely auspicious, indicating a sign of high value and preciousness. For scholars, their writing will be as magnificent as a shower of flowers; for officials, they may rise to the highest position of power and wealth. Traveling will be smooth and successful, and business ventures will be profitable, resulting in a bountiful return home. But for women, it suggests they may have difficulty giving birth.

Q: Dreaming of purple cauliflower.
A: Symbolizes different things depending on the context of the dream. If you dream of going on a trip, it means that you will have a smooth journey without any obstacles. If you are a merchant, it indicates that you will make a profit in your business dealings. For scholars, it suggests that you will have abundant literary talent, while for officials, it implies that you will rise to a high rank without having to speak out.



Q: Dreaming of eating vegetables and it appears to be yellow.
A: It indicates bad luck.

Q: Dreaming of someone else holding or carrying vegetable.
A: It suggests that there will be bad luck.

Q: Dreaming of planting vegetable.
A: It implies that you will have a long life and great fortune.

Q: Dreaming of vegetables.
A: It suggests that you may suffer from minor illness.



Q: Dreaming of eating vegetables cooked in a pot.
A: It indicates bad luck. This dream implies that you will face urgent situations and your plans may not go smoothly. It is advised to be cautious in everything you do, stick to your routine, and avoid making changes.

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