Dream meaning of Waist

Q: Dreaming of having one’s waist cut with a knife by someone.
A: Means that one’s future success will come only after repeated attempts and struggles, but one may find it difficult to complete tasks effectively.

Q: Dreaming of sweating around the waist.
A: Good omen, indicating that family affairs will be taken care of and one’s physical health will improve. However, if one’s sweating hard like pearl or jade in the dream, it may indicate the possibility of a funeral.

Q: Dreaming of the five internal organs hanging from the waist.
A: Implies that one’s family assets may be exposed, resulting in loss of savings.

Q: Dreaming of a fire starting around the waist.
A: Is a good omen, indicating that one’s fortune is strong, energy is high, family wealth is abundant, and emotional well-being is good.

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