Dream meaning of Willows

Q: Dreaming of willows growing on the ground.
A: Suggests that things will progress slowly. If there is a young girl in the family, a man with the surname Liu may propose to her. If there is an eldest son in the family, there may be a secret romance.

Q: Dreaming of willows in the water.
A: Is a good omen, indicating that the family will be safe and sound, and everything will go smoothly. One will achieve success in wealth, reputation, and other pursuits, leading a peaceful and prosperous life.

Q: Dreaming of willows in a garden, with their branches trailing and catching someone’s clothes.
A: Suggests that one will be infatuated with a beautiful person who will not easily let go of one’s heart. If a man dreams of this, he will have a secret love affair with a charming woman; if a woman dreams of this, it indicates that she is thinking of a person she loves deeply.

Q: Dreaming of willows drooping or falling down.
A: Is a bad omen, indicating that for men, this signifies financial ruin, and for women, it signifies a short life. This dream is an ill omen for all matters.



Q: Dreaming of willow trees.
A: This dream indicates separation from a friend, and there may be evil intentions. If a scholar has this dream, it suggests a close relationship with a lady of the court. If a woman has this dream, it suggests her husband may have unfaithful tendencies.

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